Rebecca and Joanne

UX/Product Designer with BIG vision and on/offline experiences, fulltime

Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 07-25-2017
Are you ready for the ride of your life?
Our client is a startup that’s deeply backed by a VC, who in turn has a co-founder who’s had a hand in launching some of the most recognized, lauded brands out there, including in the city planning, food + liquor delivery, and “friendly” health insurance spaces, to name a few. This VC incubates only 1-2 startups a year, and our client is their second “baby”, with deep financial backing and top-tier, experienced leadership at the helm. All signs are pointing to this taking off to the moon.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an entrepreneurial, big-thinker UX Designer to get in at the very ground floor, where you’ll get to think through and design for ALL aspects of design, both on *and* offline, for the $50B residential real estate market.
It’s a market that is ripe for a design-, UX-, and tech-savvy player to come in and completely take it by storm, and not just fill all the many design holes that need filling but completely revolutionize and elevate the industry from the inside out.
The challenges are complex, the user types many. Which you LOVE, because that means you get to tackle design challenges that will stretch and grow you and your career.
They are seeking a fulltime, creative and analytical UX DESIGNER – or UX-leaning PRODUCT DESIGNER – who brings a strong background in UX design and user research.
Your work will heavily shape the experiences of all of our users: owners, residents, partners, and our own team. The right candidate will be excited to move quickly and make a broad, meaningful mark on the evolution of our product and all of its touch points.
Competitive salary + very generous equity stake.
What they're looking for:
·       A clean, elegant portfolio that includes case studies of complex, multi-platform work, and walks a viewer through not only what you designed, but shows off your excellent thinking and process
·       If you’ve got experience designing for holistic online and offline experiences, that’s a big plus.
o   This role encompasses entire ecosystems of multiple users, so working in a breadth of platforms and environments is great.
§  Think: co-working spaces, errand-running services that have user- and business-focused dashboards, real estate / architecture, workflow and efficiency tools, etc.
·       You love research and thrive in an environment of constant discovery, posing and testing multiple hypotheses, talking to users directly, spearheading competitive analysis – you spearhead your own discovery process and set wheels into motion of how to get it done most effectively.
o   You possess sound, human-centered design process, including thoughtful questioning, true empathy, and the ability to move from insights to solutions
·       You have a startup mentality. You don’t wait to be shown how to do something – you thrive in diving in, figuring it out, and asking for forgiveness later versus asking for permission first.
·       You LOVE solving problems, and can think on both the big-picture “how does this all work together” level, as well as the granular, detail-oriented plane
·       You partner with engineers, product managers, and other designers well, and enjoy the give-and-take collaboration that goes with it
o   You’ll be paired with a Visual-leaning Product Designer, and together, you’ll be the mighty design team of 2 to kick this off, and your fearless CEO comes from a Product Management background himself, so he gets it, too.
·       You're comfortable stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, and solving challenges you’ve never solved for before (and for which best practices may not yet exist), AND having the responsibility and ownership to work on an entire ecosystem that’s massive in scope – this gets you pumped, excited, feeling ALIVE!
Apply here online
Email your resume, portfolio, and salary range to:
info (at) joanneweavergroup (dot) com
*** $1,000 REFERRAL BONUS ELIGIBILITY ***  for the longterm placement of your referrals: please pass this to an entrepreneurial UX friend who you think would be great for this – we’d really appreciate the help! Ain’t nothing like the UX community scratching each other’s backs. Thank you!
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