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Head of Product / UI Design at SaaS platform startup, fulltime

Location: New York, NY
Great opportunity for a Visual UI Designer who's on the upward move, wants to carve out a name for themselves, help eventually grow a team, and make their mark in a startup in a growing star-studded industry!

Our client is a small-to-midsized startup in the influencer-marketing SaaS platform world, founded by prominent influencers themselves in the sports, business tech, and start-up worlds. The influencer / celeb marketing industry is *blowing up* - what's now a $500M industry is expected to grow to become a $5-10B industry, in a matter of just 5 years, so you could very well be riding a very lucrative wave and be a trailblazer in the industry.

They are seeking a fulltime HEAD OF PRODUCT DESIGN / UI to join their cozy team. Ambitious Senior and Lead level designers are encouraged to apply!

This is a key, high-profile position - you'll start off by *being* the design department, stewarding their product's look, feel, and functionality, and their design is one of their biggest selling propositions as a company overall - and you'll be joining a super-passionate team of engineers, creative technologists, and product managers that are hungry to tackle complex design challenges, and who are design-savvy themselves with whom you can bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm, in a highly collaborative, "let's get in under the hood together" environment.

There's no formalized management required, though natural mentorship abilities are much appreciated and valued, as you will eventually help grow the team down the road, as you directly help the *company* grow via your killer design contributions.

They have an elegant, minimalist design aesthetic - as do you! - and you'll be empowered to evolve the UI and user experience within this airy aesthetic - the company has the ethos to be ever-improving, to continually delight their clients with design-driven enhancements which make their job easier and fun.

Empowerment and meritocracy - that's their culture to a T. Even junior folks at the company are encouraged to come up with and pitch ideas, and whoever has the best idea, wins. It's the kind of place where people like to geek out on the details, and come up with rocking micro-interactions, elegant use of color, intuitive search and discovery tools. As it's a new market space, you and your collaborators will have a huge opportunity for creativity and impact - intuiting what features and visualizations the users want before they know they want them. 

Your background:
- A strong portfolio showing pixel-perfect attention to detail - your philosophy is "the devil is in the details" and you know that even micro-enhancements can mean the world to your users' experience and put a smile on their face
- 5+ years of Visual UI or Product Design experience - visual UI is the focus, with plenty of UX design and strategy in the mix (most UX thinking is done through whiteboarding with the team, so you won't be expected to crank out wires all day, but you should be able to know how to build something complex from a blank screen and not need a UX designer to help you - you are it all!)
- Mastery of design tools - Sketch strongly preferred
- Proven ability to create and evolve consistent visual direction, design patterns and systemic guidelines for complex products
- Track record of working closely and collaboratively with product, engineering, and marketing on products that have launched
- Experience with end-to-end product lifecycle: sketches => wireframes => prototype => execution, taking customer and analytic feedback to help inform your designs
- You're great at answering the "why" of your design decisions, and have a strong POV, but can take feedback and let go of ideas without your ego being bruised
- You're someone who cares deeply about quality, and always strive to improve and advance your products over time

You can apply here through our site
Email your resume, portfolio, and approx salary range to:
info (at) joanneweavergroup (dot) com

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